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campus news

TOMS Shoes coming to CTI!
Candice Kislack, TOMS chief strategy and mission offficer, is coming to CTI Monday, Nov. 28th, 4:30-6 pm, to talk about the one-for-one movement and how students can advance creative ideas to grow their communities. Community members are invited, RSVP now.

First CTI Academic Bowl team up to the challenge
The team rallied for a win in the competition's first round, but two losses ended the team's run. Watch this video to see how the new team prepared for an ASU tradition.

Homecoming at Poly
CTI hosted its weekly “Thing on Thursday” event as a time for students to work on Homecoming floats at locations all across campus. Throughout the week, the Pre-Vet Club at Morrison School of Management and Agribusiness students held its annual “Kiss the Pig” contest to raise money for the club. (more)

Small solutions, big change
Ready to be inspired? Ignite @ ASU is a public event featuring rapid-fire five-minute presentations by ASU students, faculty, staff and community members. RSVP now for this event on Nov. 16th, 6-9pm, in Aravaipa Auditorium.

awards & patents

Project Aspire: Defining and Assessing Mathematical Knowledge For Teaching Secondary Mathematics - Patrick Thompson, Marilyn Carlson, Dawn Teuscher, NSF, $1,941,677

GK -12: Sustainability Science for Sustainable Schools - Charles Redman, Chris Martin, NSF, $591,001

Consumer Search and Retail Pass-Through: Implications for Food Price Inflation - Tim Richards, USDA, $387,365

Haptic/visual perception of virtual viscoelestic tissue - Bing Wu, NIH, $205,898

SRP/ASU Cooperative Agreement (2011-2012) - Paul Westerhoff, Ben Ruddell, SRP, $183,805

SRP Residential PV - G. Tamizhmani, Brad Rogers, SRP, $114,030

CAP3: Urban Sustainability in the Dynamic Environment of Central Arizona, USA - Dan Childers, Ben Ruddell, Heather Bateman, Chris Martin, Jean Stutz, NSF, $47,985

Emergency Planning for Arizona's Energy Infrastructure - Danny Peterson, Al Brown, Kiril Hristovski, David Edwards, Dept. of Energy, $16,853

Simulation and Modeling of Wiseman Engine - Sangram Redkar, Wiseman Technologies, Inc., $15,000

Developing Commercially Viable Culture Media from Wastewaters Optimized for the Emerging Microalgae-based Biofuel Industry - Milt Sommerfeld, EPA, $15,000

recent publications

Sandoval, R., Cooper, A.M., Aymar, K., Jain, A., Hristovski, K. Removal of arsenic and methylene blue from water by granular activated carbon media impregnated with zirconium dioxide nanoparticles. Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol. 193, (2011).

feedback & resources

We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Please submit these and your publications that you would like included in our next issue to CTI Research.


in the spotlight

Students in the Advanced Laser Lab at the Polytechnic campus working with a high power class 4 nanosecond laser.

Students in the Advanced Laser Lab at the Polytechnic campus working with a high power class 4 nanosecond laser. With guidance from professor Maxim Sukharev, the Advanced Laser Lab at the Polytechnic campus offers hands-on projects to undergraduate students who engage in optical system design and materials characterization.

featured researcher
Team awarded $3M to study trends in STEM research

Professor McKennaASU is one of four universities creating an interactive Web-based system that will change the way the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education community approaches, interprets and synthesizes information that is produced through National Science Foundation (NSF) investments.

The project will help researchers and NSF program officers identify trends in publications and research funding, gaps in current research and funding, and potential collaborators in STEM education.

The “Deep Insights Anytime, Anywhere” (or DIA2) project will enable researchers and officials to quickly determine who is working in specific areas and find potential collaborators, funding sources, program officers, research papers and findings. The system visualizes complex networks of funding and research collaboration with a map created specifically for each search.

DIA2 is funded through a $3 million NSF grant as part of a program called Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM, or TUES. The team includes collaborators from Purdue, Virginia Tech, Stanford University and ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation.

“The wealth of knowledge and insights available through NSF historically has been difficult to uncover and almost impossible to organize for both NSF and the community,” said Ann McKenna, associate professor of engineering in ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation and principal investigator for the project. “Our interactive visualizations will be designed to systematically translate search and analysis in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand.

“This project is unique in that we are creating a resource that can be used by both the NSF and STEM education communities,” said McKenna. “Our ultimate goal, and measure of success, is to create an intuitive online tool that will accelerate the pace of innovations and their enterprise to benefit research and most importantly, STEM education.”

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recently submitted proposals
Novel Statistical Approaches for Analyzing and Developing Personalized Web-Based Instructional Interventions - Jennifer Bekki, Dept. of Education, $969,056.

Evaluation and safety improvement of novel Code team training through simulation - Nancy Cooke, Univ. of Nebraska, $240,000

SRP/ASU Cooperative Agreement (2011-2012) - Paul Westerhoff, SRP, $200,000.

Artefacts and Engineering Thinking - Odesma Dalrymple, NSF, $158,166.

Alternative Delivery of Human Milk Proteins to Infants - Qiang Chen, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, $100,000.

Seeking Partner for Developing Dye Sensitized Solar Cells - Lakshmi Munukutla, NineSigma, Inc., $78,486.

An Automated and Integrate Dairy Wastewater Treatment and Microalgae Production System for Reduced Cost and Increased Productivity - Milt Sommerfeld, PhycoLogical, LLC, $31,300.

Combining field ecology and technology to study the impacts of non-native plants on wildlife - Heather Bateman, National Geographic Society, $15,693.

CTI faculty visit the CTI Research Advancement site for a full list of upcoming funding opportunities

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